Where Will Cicadas Emerge in 2024?

Where Will Cicadas Emerge in 2024?

Thank you for returning, ecotourists! The year 2024 has here, and with it comes the eager anticipation of one of the most exciting natural phenomena: the coming of the cicadas. The spectacular return of these buzzing insects, famed for their extraordinary life cycles and synchronized appearances, is imminent. However, when and where will this spectacular event take place? Let’s explore the areas predicted to see the emergence of cicadas in 2024.

Understanding Cicada Emergence Cycles:

One of the most interesting things about cicadas is their unique emerging cycle. Environmental signals and evolutionary adaptations have enabled cicadas to live for millions of years, and these cycles are driven by a combination of the two.

Long Periods of Underground Dormancy:

While in their nymphal stage, cicadas eat mostly on tree root sap while living underground. The length of time spent below dormant varies from 13 to 17 years across different species. They develop their exoskeletons throughout this phase and go through multiple molts.

Synchronized Emergences:

The remarkableness of cicada emergences lies in their synchrony. Entire cicadas populations emerge at the same time in the same location after more than ten years underground. Evolutionarily, this coordinated emergence was likely a tactic to outnumber predators and improve mating prospects.

Mating and Reproduction:

When mature cicadas emerge from the ground, they only have a brief amount of time to reproduce before they die. In their courtship rituals, males can be heard making ear-piercing buzzing noises, which can reach decibel levels of above 100. Following mating, the female lays her eggs in tree branches using her ovipositors. Once the eggs hatch, the nymphs will descend to the earth to start their own underground migration.

Species and Broods:

The monthly cicadas of the genus Magicicada are the most famous in North America, although there are more than 3,000 species of cicadas globally. There are several distinct broods of these cicadas, and each one has its own pattern of emergence and range of spread. As an example, every 17 years is when Brood X (10) arises, and every 13 years is when Brood II (2) appears.

Environmental Triggers:

While scientists have yet to pinpoint a single cause for cicada emergences, they do believe that soil temperature, rainfall, and maybe even moon cycles have a role. When the time is perfect, cicadas come out in droves, captivating onlookers and scientists alike.

The complexity of cicada emergence cycles is something to marvel at and understand. In 2024, when the cicadas finally make their grand entrance, let us ponder the wonders of nature and the rhythms that control life below ground.

Brood X and Beyond:

Where Will Cicadas Emerge in 2024?

Brood X, sometimes called the Great Eastern Brood, is one of the most talked-about cicada broods that will happen in 2024. This specific group of sleeping Magicicada species has been around since 2004, and it includes the septendecim, cassini, and septendecula varieties. Nevertheless, cicada sightings will be even more varied as other broods from different places also make their appearance.

Hotspots for Cicada Emergence:

So, in the year 2024, where can you find cicadas? Major emergence events are predicted to occur in a number of US locations. Cicada sightings are most common in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic areas, with states such as Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Maryland being excellent locations to watch them.

Urban vs. Rural:

Cicadas, interestingly enough, aren’t fussy about the places they call home. Although it may appear that cicada emergences would only occur in rural places with thick forests, this is not necessarily the case. The emergence of cicadas from their underground nests can transform parks, gardens, and even city streets into bustling meccas.

Impact on Ecosystems:

The importance of cicadas to their habitats extends far beyond the symphony of buzzing they create. Many predators, including birds, animals, and even certain civilizations’ humans, feast on their emergence. Plants also benefit from the aeration and nutrient cycling that occurs as a result of their tunneling activities.

Citizen Science and Reporting:

Where Will Cicadas Emerge in 2024?

We can help shed light on cicada emergences by collecting data as citizen scientists. Cicada Safari and other local wildlife organizations allow us to report sightings and observations, which aids researchers in tracking cicada numbers and behaviors. This contributes to larger ecological study initiatives.


Let us be in awe of the natural world and its complex cycles while we wait for the cicadas to appear in 2024. Listen closely for the distinctive buzz of these intriguing insects whether you’re in the middle of a busy city or a quiet wilderness. Have fun watching cicada!

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